Beyond the exome

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People of Beyond the exome

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulf Leser

Testbeschreibung Institut für Informatik
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Under den Linden 6
D-10099 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)30 2093 3902
FAX: +49 (0)30 2093 5484

Ulf Leser, Dr.-Ing., is a tenured full professor for Knowledge Management in Bioinformatics at the Institute for Computer Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He is a member of the Excellence Gradute Scholl “Berlin School of Integrative Oncology”, speaker of the DFG-funded research training group “SOAMED – Service Oriented Architectures for Medical Applications” and the collaborative research project “PREDICT – Comprehensive Data Integration for Precision Oncology”, and PI in the Einstein Center for the Digital Future, the Heibrids graduate school an Data Science, and the recently founded research training group “CompCancer – Computational Methods for Precision Oncology”. He received his Diploma in Computer Science from Technische Universität München and his doctoral degree in Data Integration from Technische Universität Berlin. His main research interests are biomedical data integration and text mining, infrastructures for large-scale scientific data analysis, and statistical Bioinformatics. Research results are typically produced in interdisciplinary teams, most often with colleagues from Charité, Berlin. His group currently consists of six PhD students and three PostDocs, mostly funded through competitive project grants.

Publications (selection)

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Wandelt S, Leser U. MRCSI: Compressing and Searching String Collections with Multiple References. PVLDB. Kona, Hawaii 2014.