Beyond the exome

DFG funded Research Group (FOR 2841)

Welcome to our Research Unit
Beyond the exome

We want to identify, analyze, and predict the disease potential of non-coding DNA variants in patients with rare genetic diseases.

How to find mutations in the non-coding genome?

Our German Research Foundation (DFG)-funded research unit Beyond the exome wants to improve the biological understanding and develop software to predict mutations in the non-coding, regulatory genome. We have assembled a group of leading researchers from clinical medicine, basic sciences, and bioinformatics who will collaborate to tackle these challenges.

What do we want to do?

Testbeschreibung We want to search for mutations in the regulatory genome that cause human disease. We have chosen to investigate three exemplary diseases that are supposed to be caused by mutation in genes that impede the normal organ development.

How do we want to do it?

Testbeschreibung We want to do basic research into the gene regulation, information technology, structural and cell biology. We want to find out how mutations and structural variants in the genome affect these processes.

What are our aims?

Testbeschreibung We want to implement the knowledge on gene regulation into our user friendly software tools. This will help researchers and clinicians to find mutations in their patients. The software will be easy to use, also by persons who are no bioinformaticians.

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